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Utzon Center

Slotspladsen 4
9000 Aalborg


Phone: +45 76 90 50 00
CVR: 30 27 94 41


About Utzon Center

Jørn Utzon is famous for the Sydney Opera House. He grew up in Aalborg. The Utzon Center was his final building, which he completed shortly before his death in 2008.


The Utzon Center is for the entire family. Here, both children and adults can feel, sense and touch architecture. We are here to help you understand a whole world of architecture.


We present a programme of temporary exhibitions, in which you can encounter some of the best architects in the world and the latest architectural trends. In a fun way, we make architecture accessible and understandable to people of all ages – from children to adults. 


We also house a permanent exhibition about Jørn Utzon, the creator of the Sydney Opera House and one of the greatest and most influential architects of the 21st century.


We also organise workshops, lectures, events, educational activities, guided tours and city walks – and an abundance of other activities.


Restaurant Jørn serves outstanding food and offers the best view in town. From its windows you can watch life on the fjord. Our courtyard also makes a perfect setting to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or beer.


As an international centre we collaborate with some of the world’s major cultural institutions: from Denmark’s Louisiana to Italy’s MAXXI and the Sydney Opera House. 


It was Jørn Utzon who, together with his son Kim, created the Utzon Center. It was to be Jørn Utzon’s final work before he passed away in 2008. So, the building also features elements you can see in other buildings Utzon designed throughout his distinguished career.


The Utzon Center is located on Aalborg’s waterfront – the very place where Jørn Utzon would go for walks as a child.