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Utzon Center

Slotspladsen 4
9000 Aalborg


Phone: +45 76 90 50 00
CVR: 30 27 94 41

Just opened
Feb 2nd 2023 to Nov 5th 2023
Art and craftsmanship in new Danish architecture. Find inspiration for a sustainable future with beauty and a new aesthetic. And ask yourself the question: Could you live in a clay house?
Mar 31st 2023 to Sep 3rd 2023
UPCOMING EXHIBITION How can humans build and live on the Moon? Danish space architects have developed a habitat, where astronauts can live in extreme conditions in space.

Åbner 10. februar: TEKSTIL

English translation unavailable for Åbner 10. februar: TEKSTIL.

Architecture Posters and Prints

Architecture Posters and Prints

We have made a selection of Jørn Utzon's best drawings, sketches and works. You will get special prints and posters, which you can only buy from us. At the same time, you support the Utzon Center.

'Hysterisk hvid'

English translation unavailable for 'Hysterisk hvid'.

Restaurant Jørn

Restaurant Jørn

Visit our restaurant JØRN. Excellent Danish and Nordic cuisine with ingredients according to season. 

About Utzon Center

About Utzon Center

We present a programme of temporary exhibitions, in which you can encounter some of the best architects in the world and the latest architectural trends. 


The Utzon Center is for the entire family. Here, both children and adults can feel, sense and touch architecture. We are here to help you understand a whole world of architecture.