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Utzon Center

Slotspladsen 4
9000 Aalborg


Phone: +45 76 90 50 00
CVR: 30 27 94 41


Komorebi er en smuk installation, som du kan opleve i vores gårdhave. Den er skabt med genbrugsmaterialer. Og så bruger den lyset til at skabe et helt særligt frirum.

Sit beneath the glass sky of Komorebi. Walk around it. Notice the light.


Komorebi is a structure made of recycled steel mesh stacked with bottles.


The installation will, among other things, prompt us to reflect on sustainability in the way we think and build.


The installation has also drawn inspiration from Marcel Duchamp's 'Readymade Series,' in which he created art by taking ordinary objects from everyday life and declaring them as art.


The work is named after the Japanese word komorebi. Komorebi alludes to the effect of sunlight shining through the treetops and leaves of trees.


You can experience the installation for yourself, located in the middle of the Utzon Center in our cozy courtyard.


Komorebi was created for CHART Architecture 2023. The task was to create an architectural project based on three principles of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion.


The work was created by Joanna Maria Lesna, Paola Gonzalez Marquez, and Izabella Banas based on a concept by Thomas Enee, Joanna Maria Lesna, and Miguel Rebelo.