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Utzon Center

Slotspladsen 4
9000 Aalborg

Tlf: +45 76 90 50 00
CVR: 30 27 94 41



Registreringsnummer: 3201
Kontonummer: 3428244893


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Submission & requirements

You submit your project by sending a zipped folder by WeTransfer to including all of the below mentioned files.


Deadline for registration is the 21st of February 2019.

Deadline for submission is the 22nd of March 2019.


Your project can only be delivered digitally and only by the person who has registered. To ensure anonymity, no names of entrants are allowed on any part of the submitted material. Each file should in stead be marked with the 5 digit number chosen by the entrant and stated at the registration.




You need to submit the following files:


  • 1-page project description. Please focus on your interpretation of Jørn Utzon’s work, and the way in which this has influenced your visualization. 
  • One 3D animated video that explore and visualize the architectural qualities of Jørn Utzon’s architecture.
    • Film resolution: Full HD, or preferably 4K
    • Video file format: AVI, MOV or MP4
  • 5-10 renders showing key aspects of Jørn Utzon’s architecture. The 5-10 renders may be still images extracted from the 3D animated film, but minimum 1 render should be a section render, and minimum 1 render should be a plan render / top view.
    • File format: JPEG /PNG
    • Image dimensions: minimum A1 / 594x841 MM
    • Render resolution: minimum 300 dpi
  • One 3D model prepared for 3D printing. The entrant should specify in the 1-page description what material the model should be printed in. Consider what material captures your vision for the visualisations better, so video, still renders and 3D printed model become part of one seamless narrative. The 3D model shown the entire project including its context, it could be a section model or something else, as long as the choice is carefully considered.
    • File format: OBJ, STL or VRML if the file has color and you want this to be transferred to the print
    • Tolerances: The 3D print file should be prepared with the right resolution and tolerances according to your choice of printing material
  •  You are welcome to submit a VR model if this further supports their submission, but this is not a requirement. 

The jury evaluation is performed online and you should take into account that all of your files should present themself digitally.


UNBUILT submission requirements