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With Love From Spain

Apr 21st 2021 to Feb 27th 2022

This is a love story. Between North and South. It is the tale of a surprising passion, in which, for decades, Spanish architects have been seeking inspiration from the North.

You probably miss travelling. Getting out and about, and gaining new impressions. You are yearning for something other than your home office and sofa.


Join us on a tour of Spain. Encounter the dazzling sun and red earth of the South – and the country’s abundance of fabulous architecture.


The exhibition, With Love From Spain will introduce you to 11 Spanish architects and architecture firms, and their love of some our great Scandinavian architects and designers. They include the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon.


You will see a cabin with façades of scorched timber, a forest of columns with a raw surface of brick and lime mortar, and a small courtyard that shields us from the outside world.


These Spanish architects tell a story with which very few of us are familiar: a story about their decades-long fascination with Nordic architecture, and how they embraced it and made it their own.


The Spanish architecture firms will also provide you with an insight into some of the most terrific, contemporary Spanish architecture.


It is also a story that teaches us something about ourselves. About Nordic Modernism and architecture seen through Spanish eyes.


Of course, children deserve to travel too. The tour through the Spanish countryside features loads of activities for them, in which they can smell, touch and feel the architecture.


The exhibition was curated in collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture, based on the project ‘Escandinavia – Architectural Dialogues between Denmark and Spain’.


Can Lis, Jørn Utzon’s own house in Majorca was one particular source of inspiration for Spanish architects. In the Utzon Archives you can see some of Jørn’s own photos of the construction process and his original drawings.


English translation unavailable for 2021 With Love From Spain anmeldelse.