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Exhibition: HOLIDAY HOME

Mar 18th 2022 to Jan 8th 2023

From cosy log cabin to holiday palace. Join us on a journey through the architecture and history of the holiday home. Enter a world of summer and discover inspiration for a future that is going to feature small, simple holiday homes.

Once upon a time, holiday homes were small and cosy. They smelled of wood and wood-burning stoves. Admittedly, they may have been a little bit stuffy, but that was part of their charm.


Today, that smell is disappearing – not to mention the cosiness. Now, we are building huge holiday palaces with lounge areas and swimming pools.


That is a problem.


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Imagination and dreams in the holiday home

For more than 100 years, holiday homes have been a playground for architects, encouraging them to dream and unleash their imaginations. They had far more freedom to experiment than they had when designing common or garden buildings.


That is why holiday homes have also enabled us to look into the future. Did you know, for example, that the concept of the social kitchen started in holiday homes?


But the modern holiday palaces are poles apart from the holiday homes of the past, which we have been building since the early 20th century.


The holiday home zones are also changing in character. Today, many of them resemble regular neighbourhoods with endless detached houses, where the tranquillity of an early morning is drowned out by the rattle and squeal of lawn mowers.


So where have nature and solitude gone? What about the landscape, when everyone is heading for the shore? How do entities, respect for nature and settlement all come together?


Holiday homes are an important chapter in the history of Danish culture. But we are in danger of losing the diversity, modesty and imagination, which for 100 years have been among the most distinguished aspects of the Danish holiday home.


Find inspiration and discover the holiday home of tomorrow

The exhibition, HOLIDAY HOME will whisk you and your family off on a sensuous journey through the landscape, architecture and history of the holiday home, while tickling your imagination.


You will find inspiration for building something small and simple.


You will discover the holiday home of the future – an antithesis to some of the paradoxes that characterise today’s new holiday homes.


You will also discover a holiday home culture that envisions a future involving sustainability, climate change, and a clean environment and countryside.


Once again, architecture is all about enthusiasm and the willingness to experiment and play with holiday homes in an attempt to treat our environment and surroundings responsibly and sustainably.


And that is exactly what we need. Otherwise, tomorrow’s holiday homes will simply lack soul.


Photo: Laura Stamer


Photo: Laura Stamer


Photo: Per Bille


Photo: Per Bille


Photo: Per Bille










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