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Utzon Talk: Architecture to Make You Happy, Creative and Productive

Architecture has an impact on our well-being and our ability to perform. Learn all about spaces and buildings that make us more creative, more productive - and happier.

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Have you been out today? If you’re like the majority of people, you spend quite a lot of time indoors.


On average, a person spends about 90% of their time indoors. 


Everyone knows how a walk in the woods makes us happier. But we are similarly affected by the architecture we move around in.


When we enter our home, our workplace, a sports centre or the local library, the smells, sounds, colours and textures of nature disappear. This impacts both our state of health and our ability to perform.

Human welfare - indoors

Come to Utzon Talk and learn all about the interaction between architecture, people and behaviour, and about how architects can design spaces and buildings that actually support our well-being. 


That is what the Danish architecture firm CEBRA has spent the past four years investigating. CEBRA’s R&D architect Klaudio Muca will tell you all about how architecture affects our behaviour.


Klaudio studied architecture at the Politecnico de Milano and is one of the authors of The WISE Journal. 


He will describe how we can design human-centred workplaces, educational environments and cultural institutions, and how this can lead to increased innovation, learning and productivity.


NOTE - Klaudio will give the presentation in English.


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Carsten Primdahl and Klaudio Muca, CEBRA.


HF & VUC, Fyn. Photo: Mikkel Frost.


Skamlingsbanken. Photo: Adam Mørk. 


22. sep 2022, 17:00 til 18:00

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