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Opening soon

Upcoming exhibition: XL - The Great Classics

Jun 24th 2021 to Feb 22nd 2022

A chance to meet the great Danish classics, including Kjærholm, Wegner and Panton. But in a brand new way. We’re going supersize. It’s XL. It’s for children.

We all know them. Those great classics from the likes of Hans J. Wegner, Poul Kjærholm, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.


But what happens if we blow up the scale? When we encounter the designs in XL?


Suddenly, the spotlight is on the craftsmanship. We can see large-scale versions of the joints. We can see the grains in the wood. We can see details we wouldn’t usually notice.


Changing the scale of things around us also makes us experience and sense them in a different way.


This exhibition alters our perception of classic Danish furniture and designs. They become less rigid and more open to interpretation. We look at something familiar with fresh eyes.


Supersize also makes it clearer where the inspiration for the shapes came from: from an egg, a swan, the horns of a bull or the propellers of an aeroplane – you name it.


It’s an exhibition for children. (Or is it?)


It’s a universe of stories about good design. Here, the entire family can try their hand at creative projects and unleash their inspiration. It’s a place for budding designers of all ages.