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Utzon Center

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Top 10 picks at the Utzon Center

10 things to experience at the Utzon Center. Exhibitions, workshops and terrific experiences for young and old.


1. THE SPACE STATION: Workshop with LEGO, Minecraft and Virtual Reality

Become a space architect. You will build a lunar base in LEGO and Minecraft. And finally, you will put on the VR goggles to explore your lunar base in 3D.


THE SPACE STATION is open every weekend from 10 am to 5 pm. Our agents are ready to assist you. Just come by, no need to book a time.


And psst... Find inspiration for your lunar base in A SPACE SAGA, where there is a real moon habitat.


Photo: SAGA Space Architects



Try living on the Moon. Danish space architects, SAGA Space Architects, have developed the base LUNARK, where astronauts can live under extreme conditions in space.


A circadian light system mimics the sunlight on Earth. And "pod-like" sleeping capsules provide comfort and privacy for the astronauts. It's cozy in a spacey way.


Experience LUNARK and the exhibition A SPACE SAGA until September 3rd.



3. Mini Exhibition: Shall We Play Architecture?

Architecture is not just for adults. It's also for children - even preschoolers!


Here's a new mini exhibition completely without adults. The exhibitors are preschool children who have played and learned about architecture in ArkitekTUR at the daycare center. And now you get to see their whimsical architectural creations.


It's an exhibition where even very young children can feel, touch, and experience architecture. Play with shapes, colors, spaces, materials, and sizes. And build their own masterpieces with Kapla blocks on the DIY table.



4. ORIGAMI WORKSHOP: Fold Your Own Lunar Base

Origami is a 400-year-old Japanese tradition. It's about folding a flat piece of paper into shapes, figures, and structures.


And the lunar base LUNARK is precisely such a structure. It can be folded up and made very small. Now it's your turn to try folding a lunar base in paper. Completely without scissors and glue. And afterwards, you can take your home-folded lunar base with you.


Would you like to print the folding sheets and fold them at home? Download them here in PDF.


3, 2, 1... fold! 





The exhibition SUPER DANISH is for the whole family. Experience art and craftsmanship in new Danish architecture. A roof made of eelgrass, a moth house, biopsies on glass, and a bookshelf for a prime minister. Beautiful chairs, stools, benches - a tabletop from a foreign planet.


And a very fragile throne.


Meet 14 Danish architects and design studios who create new aesthetics and visions for a sustainable future. The exhibition is inspiring for both children and adults.




You'll need your senses. Use your nose, can you find a roof made of seaweed? Feel the wall - what is it made of?


In the exhibition SUPER DANISH, 14 Danish design studios experiment with clay, seaweed, bioplastics, and wood. And now it's your turn to go on a hunt for SUPER MATERIALS.


See if you can figure out what different things are made of. Place the material cards in the right boxes. How many materials can you find?



7. Restaurant JØRN

After several hours of architecture, design, VR, LEGO, and exhibitions, you surely must be hungry. Head down to Restaurant JØRN. Enjoy our brunch. There are good reasons why it's so popular.


You can also have open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød) or a dish from the à la carte menu. Right now, for example, we have halibut carpaccio, grilled cod, and Rokkedahl chicken on the menu. See the full menu here.


And psst... all à la carte dishes are available in half size and at half price for children up to 12 years old.



8. Social Dining: Seven courses and complimentary bubbles

Every Thursday evening, we have social dining at Restaurant JØRN. You'll have seven dishes brought to the table, which you'll share together.


It's extraordinary food. Fish, seafood, meat, and crispy greens. The best seasonal ingredients. And a fantastic dessert.

And if you book a table in advance, we'll provide complimentary bubbles for the entire table.


Foto: Hald & Ravnborg


9. DIY: Build Your Own Bench

Hald & Ravnborg have created an amazing bench. And they want to share it with as many people as possible. It's a perfect family DIY project for the Easter holiday.


When you visit our exhibition SUPER DANISH, you can actually take the building manual home. It's hanging on the wall next to the beautiful bench. But you can also download it here in PDF and print it yourself.


Now it's time to get started. Enjoy!


Download buildingmanual

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* On Thursdays, the kitchen closes at 8 pm.

** On Sundays, we serve brunch and the à la carte menu is closed. The kitchen stops taking orders at 2 pm. Afterwards, only cakes are served.